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the funny thing in these pictures is those people that (supposedly) the christ jesus wanted to defend are no where in sight, perhaps not allowed to attend the festivities?

i was visiting churches one time with my family. visita iglesia it was called. and i was told by the church guard to leave because i was only wearing slippers and shorts. of course, would jesus do the same thing? not allow a person of lesser stature enter le royaume du ciel ..


that cordero really looks yummy. i just wonder what mashed potatoes and icing taste like together. have you had some of it? =)


Now that is pretty tough. First they bless you, then cut off your head.


what an array of pretty skirts in the 3rd photo down, you could crop right above the clasped hands for a really neat (to me) shot, but then again any of your photos have 3 or 4 separate photos in them; composition becomes an art form for you Sidney!

Ashish Sidapara

Nice series Sidney, i thought they would preserve it as there was a lot of effort spent in making it.


The ceremony and tradition is well recorded in your series. I like how you're able to move in and take initimate pictures without upsetting people. Fine work, Sidney!


visiting from ces's blog; ohhhh that cake looks so so good!


ahhhh! lovely presentation... missed watching senakulos, and ooooh! that's something i didn't know. with the cake that looks like a lamb. or what was that again? ahhaha!

nywei, thanks for clicking along my sponsored post. and i jumped from queer chef's site still to get through here... hahaha!

my family only calls me anka. (thanks for the compliment) :D


Another interesting photo essay. You caught some great light in the first one of this series and the first one in the second series. Great storytelling photos.


Some nice shots & it was nice to know about the occassion through the pics!


These people go to great lengths to get this ceremony right Sidney.


wow. lamb n cake.. :D


haha. the sheep doesn't look like sheep anymore with all its fluffy cover. i would have been excited myself to see its head cut off too. with all its yumminess.
the barong tagalog and the baro't saya look really good from here. the photos made me appreciate these national costumes all the more.

Otto K.

Now do they eat it?


marshmallows and m&m's? or is this something else? ;-)


I was surprised that THE HEAD was cut off. Sounds brutal, but then, I saw the pic and ohhh...cordero. A sheep?


The ceremony is fascinating and I am impressed with the number of people and the formality of their dress.

Great series.


Its very difficult for me to understand the great amount of time and effort put into these ceremonies. So many folks involved I had no idea:)


are you some kind of cakes maker??

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